Can of Worms

Evolution or Creation?

Why can't it be both? Really. Why can't it be both? I am not sitting on a fence here undecided. I feel very strongly that it is just that - both. This post is also not to try to convert or convince you of Christianity or any other religion. It is to focus on the topic of How did we get here? I will speak in general context of a creator and at this point not focus on Who that creator is.

I'm not going to quote scripture or a science book to you. I'm going to explain why I feel this way in plain terms, because, well, that's how I think - in plain terms. If you know me IRL, you know that I don't use big words and very abstract concepts are a struggle for me. (And that's also why no post about Christianity as of yet - I think it might just require more than "plain" terms and I'm not there yet - but, I'll get there).

I've flown across the Atlantic. Driven across the USA twice. Flown across the USA 16 times with many other flights up and down the East Coast. This world is A.Ma.Zing. It is clear to me that it is no accident. While that isn't based on theory, theology, or resarch, it is my gut feeling.

Our bodies are In.Cred.Ible. The way our bones, muscles, tissues, and organs all work together is a wonder. An accident? I think not.

Is it an accident that in this vast Universe there is a planet exactly as far away from a sun as it needs to be to sustain life? I think not.

Can Science show us how our bodies work? I think so.

Can Science teach us about the history of this planet, that is exactly as far away from a sun as it needs to be to sustain life? I think so.

I think the Universe, the Galaxy, this world, and all life (living and extinct) were created, on purpose, but with the Science that is studied. Before there was the Universe, there was something. If you subscribe to "The Big Bang" theory, I ask, what caused the initial expansion? My answer, it was created.

What caused humans? We were created. Created using evolution. Water, land, animals, birds, they were all here BEFORE humans. Were we an accidental, evolution over time? A survival of the fittest alone? I don't think so. I think we were a deliberate evolution over time. I think we were created purposefully. I think the survival of the fittest was deliberate, working and improving what was already created. Not in a sense of 'trial and error' but in a sense of creating this world and all the creatures on it to live alongside each other as we do; with a variety of and varying degrees of both mental and physical skill.

Have you ever gone to the zoo and watched the monkeys, gorillas, and orangutans? I mean, really watched them. They are so similar to us it is uncanny. We could learn a lot about our surroundings and using our resources from them. When you watch with an open mind, I challenge you NOT to see them as pre-humans (for lack of a better way to describe it).

Finally, I think that the very thing that people use to argue against the idea of creation - science - is just one more creation. Science was created so that we could understand how this creation worked. Science was created for us to be able to connect the dots of creation, for us to follow the steps of our evolution.

This "Can of Worms" has been opened - what do you think about Evolution and/or Creation?

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