Adventures in the 'Big D'

Crest the top of the hill at 25 1/2 stories high, put your hands up, and SCREAM! as you drop down at 85 mph - with no over-the-shoulder-type harness! Yay!!! Really, I love it, all 90 seconds of it!

My bro and I spent the day at Six Flags Over Texas yesterday. The Titan and Batman the Ride were my favorites. I love seeing nothing but blue skies and the tips of my toes on Batman; and The Titan, woo-hoo!
There's nothing like flipping yourself upside down, sideways, and inside out and then getting SOAKED to cool you off after a day in the Texas heat for fun. We ate ice cream and Pink Things (that's really what they are called) - and drank lots of free water. At first, I was a bit upset that you can't take any food or drink in with you, thinking 'Great, my life-savings will either be spent in bottled water or a trip to the ER from dehydration.' I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all you had to do was go up to any food vender and ask for a cup of water - and you got it for free!

A visit down town to The Sixth Floor Museum to do some sightseeing and learning about JFK's assassination. I took some great photos of the Texas Book Depository, 6th Floor Window, and the Grassy Knoll, but I left the cord to download them at home (so far it looks like that's all that I forgot, and if it stays that way, I'll be happy!), so they'll be posted later on.

And coming up Tonight:

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