Life and Death

Last weekend, I experienced both ends of the journey of life on this Earth through the eyes of 2 friends. I experienced the heartbreak of a mother burying her child and the joy of a mother caring for her newborn. The common thread? Love, like no other.

On Friday and Saturday we remembered my friend, Wendy's son, R.J.. The loss of a 24-year old due to a tragic accident is just so hard to understand. The grief of a mother as she says good-bye is unimaginable. It is hard knowing that Wendy didn't get to see her son one last time; that she waits for the phone to ring and has to remind herself that her son won't call her again; that her heart is broken in ways most of us will never understand. R.J. is in a better place and Wendy will see him again. I know she believes and clings to this now.

To those of you who have prayed for and thought of Wendy, and the healing of Terry and Allison, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Some good news was shared on Wednesday that Terry and Allison, are both improving. Please continue praying for their healing and the peace of these families.

On Monday, I was introduced to N.'s baby girl. N. is a natural mommy and knowing all she had to go through, it gave me such joy to see her joy - and her baby girl is perfect. It was so great to see both my friend and her little one. Such tiny fingers and tiny toes; tiny arms and legs; and such a tiny little person. I look forward to knowing her as she grows up.


  1. N and baby look great!!! I get to meet her on the 18th--woohoo!

    Still praying for Wendy. Grief will hit her at the most surprising times.

  2. I'm thinking of Wendy and her family. May they draw strength from the knowledge that R.J. is in a better place now and they will be reunited.

    Thanks for your kind words about Sara and I. We hope to see you again soon!

  3. Love is so powerful. Praying for Wendy... what a tragic, tragic loss. I cannot imagine the pain she must feel right now.

    Loved the pictures of your friend and baby! Hope you're having a good week!!

  4. It's funny how life takes one, and leaves another. My husband and I had a similar...well, actually two similar feelings wash over us with regard to his great-grandparents who raised him. His grandfather passed just a year after our first son was born, and his grandmother passed 2 days before our wedding. Both times it was as if they were saying they felt he was okay now, in a good spot in his life....and they let go. Wendy's son may not have known N or N's baby, but somebody knew them both....I love how blogland allows others' stories to intertwine and make us reflect on our own. Thank you.