Can of Worms Info

What is a "Can of Worms" Post?
A "Can of Worms" Post is one in which I leave the 'safe' boundaries of everyday happenings in my life and tread into the territory of politics, religion, education, values, and other 'hot button' topics.

Why a "Can of Worms" Post?
Because I'm intrigued by different peoples opinions on these 'hot button' topics. Either that or I'm crazy. I guess time will tell.

Are there any Rules for "Can of Worms" commenting?
The main rule is to please be respectful of not only me, but of other commenters. Especially of other commenters.
Because these issues are 'hot button', I expect (and look forward to) passionate responses, but remember, we all have different opinions and backgrounds that we are bringing to the conversation.
Feel free to comment directly to the post and/or to the comments left by others (this is the main reason I changed my comment format, was to allow for replying in a thread format).
Annonymous commenting is just fine by me - unless it is disrespectful.
I reserve the right to delete inappropriate and disrespectful comments.

Do I think I know it all?
Absolutely NOT! I will do my best to get my entire view on a topic out in the initial post, but I do not always express myself completely clearly and often find myself saying, I never thought of it that way....therefore, I also look forward to commenting on your comments!
I was once told "You like to qualify things.....It's endearing." I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my need to qualify things remains 'endearing'.

Can readers suggest topics for a "Can of Worms" post?
Yes! In fact, please do!

Will there be a Mr. Linky?
Not at this point. But, please feel free to elaborate on a "Can of Worms" post with your own post. Just remember to link back here AND leave your link for us in a comment.

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