Prayer Request

I have a prayer request.

A friend of mine recently suffered a loss I can't begin to imagine. On Memorial Day, Wendy's son, R.J., died in a car accident. Two others, Allison and Terry, who were in the car with him, are in critical condition.

Wendy is a woman of faith; of kindness; of love. She always wants the best for all those around her. She has a beautiful soul. I cannot imagine her pain, her grief, her loss. I feel helpless. I am not sure what to do.

I can pray for her. I can ask you to pray for her.

Please pray for peace for Wendy and her family. That their Faith may carry them through this time of grief and sadness.

Please pray for healing for Allison and Terry. Please pray for peace for their families.


  1. Oh how heartbreaking. That is a loss I can't even begin to imagine. I will pray.

  2. How awful. I'm so sorry to hear...Will certainly pray for them all.

  3. I don't pray but I will spare a thought for Wendy .