Pot, Meet Kettle

Me to the Man (on numerous prior occasions): "You really have to start remembering to turn the oven off when you are finished cooking. Not only is it dangerous, but it'll jack up the electric bill*"

Discovery upon coming home from Mother's Day Brunch at my MILs: Oven left on from breakfast quiche that I made this morning.


*I have NO idea if this is true or not, but it sounded good the 1 or 10 times I had to turn off the oven after it was left on all night.


  1. There's nothing like that to humble you, is there?!

  2. Don't you love having to catch yourself on things you've reprimanded others for....SOOOOOOO many times? I tend to find a good excuse for why I committed the error. You know, things like "well if you hadn't been crying and distracting me, hitting your brother, and tugging on your dad's shirt!"