The One with Uncle Sam, Spiders, and Octo Tripuses

Kali's toy box as it should look, full of toys, ready to be played with:

What I saw after I finished working (during which it was way too quiet)...
Yep, that's a spider, a tripus (that would be an Octopus who has had 5 of his legs chewed off), a very large bone, and one very proud pup.
Uncle Sam was flung into the kitchen.
The lamb was tossed toward the front door.
Even Santa dog and the Olympic torch were brought out for a fling around the room.
Wonder what Fluffy Bear, the Kong ball, and a chew-stick did to deserve to have to stay in the basket (along with lots of dirt/crumbs/whoknowswhat)?
And notice who sat perched atop the ottoman to supervise the refiling of the toy box. Yep, one proud pup.
**Sorry for bad picture quality as of lately they are from my phone, my camera died (Ok, was killed, but that's another post)...hoping to get a new one this week.**


  1. Hi, I'm flinging in from SITS....figured the verb was necessary considering the state of the toybox. :) Thank you for reminding me of my reason #640 for not getting a pup. LOL Happy Monday!

  2. Those toys may have sacrificed their lives to save your couch and your favorite pair of shoes.... :) May they rest in peace.

  3. Tooj - she's actually really good, 'flinging' all her toys is about the worst thing she does.

    Momma Chae - yep, that's why she has way too many toys, so she doesn't chew my furniture and shoes :)

  4. cute post! we can't seem to keep toys around. we have a few ropes and a couple of kong toys, but that's about it! :)

  5. What? You don't make the pooch put his owns toys back??? By the way, what do you call an Octopus with no legs? Just pus? That doesn't sound good. It's sounds kinda oozy.