A New Job....or Not

The Man is a Massage Therapist. Don't be overly jealous, except of my almost nightly foot rubs.

As a Massage Therapist (MT from here on), he works at 2 locations here in town: Healthworks Rehab and Fitness (site of my *free* gym membership) and Nico Spalon (site of my *free* hair styling). Wow, that kinda sounds like it's all about me. ahem The Man is good at what he does. He gets a lot of compliments. He was even asked by another Therapy place in town "what would it take to get you to work for us?" Specifically, he was asked by the CFO whose husband OWNS the other therapy place in town, "What would it take to get you to work for us?" You see, this lady is was a client of his at Nico.

After giving it some thought, he let the lady, we'll call her A., know what it would take. She was able to meet most of his requests and so The Man decided to take a new job. (A little info: As a MT, you are building your reputation and clientele, and hoping from job to job does not help with this. For the most part, the best thing a MT can do is find a job at an established place of business and build their 'book' - schedule to the rest of us.) The best parts of the new job is that it was not solely commission based AND it would offer medical benefits at the end of 90 days. Benefits was the biggest selling point for us, because at this point we are wrapped in bubble wrap to keep ourselves out of the ER.

In order to take this new job, The Man had to give up one of his other jobs and rearrange his schedule at the remaining job. Because Nico is a small business, medical benefits will not ever be an option as part of any type of benefit package. Thus, he decided to keep his job at Healthworks and rearrange that schedule.

After 2 weeks of work at the new place, as The Man was heading out for the weekend on Friday, the operational director informed him that there were no hours for him the following week (now this week). The VERY SAME operational director who filled out his paperwork, signed off on his pay rate, and handed him benefits paperwork to go ahead and fill out to have ready once 90 days had passed. When he questioned her about why no hours, he was told "I'm not sure what arrangement you and A. had, but your position was only temporary." TEMPORARY????? Um, no one said anything about TEMPORARY!!! She then had the nerve to ask him if he'd like to be available for 'on call' status. Go ahead and just imagine how well that went over.

As he left, The Man called A. and left a message asking what in the world was going on. She called back today. Three and a half business days later. Guess what? She didn't get the message. Right. She also had NO idea that The Man didn't work for her and her husband anymore. Seems Ms. Operations Director is in charge of all Human Resources and hiring. Sounds to me like Ms. Operations Director got her panties in a bundle didn't like that A. went around her. When The Man explained what had happened, A. was speechless. When he said that he could never work for her company, she said "Your the best MT in this town. I'm so sorry for the mix-up. I wish you all the best." Maybe she should've thought about that before making promises she couldn't keep. Maybe she should have thought of that before letting her Operations Director, her employee, make decisions about who works for them.

I know one thing, she'll have to make darn sure she thinks about that before trying to make an appointment to see "the best MT" in this town again. Because you see, The Man was able to get his job back at Nico - and Nico is where A. likesd to get her massages, from The Man.

The worst part of it all? The sound in The Man's voice as he told me what had happened on Friday over the phone. I was in Florida. I don't ever want to hear that sound in his voice again. This Man is honest, hard working, and skilled as a MT. He didn't deserve this.

The best part of it all? The Man was able to get his job back at Nico. The schedule rearranging he had to do might just turn out to be a good thing.

Oh, and medical benefits? PartyLite and the Direct Selling Association have partnered with a company to provide benefits at group rates to Independent Consultants like me.

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  1. Good grief. I think you're just lucky he's in a specialized field, or that job back at Nico would have been long gone.

    Phew! Have a good weekend!!!