A Weekend Away From it All

On Thursday, The Man and I packed a bag, dropped Kali off at the kennel and headed to Rochester, NY for a long weekend with friends.


It was a most awesome weekend of laughter, Survivor, elephants, monkeys, laughter, long walks, yummy food, laughter, Wii Bowling, cards, beer, laughter, yummy food, the NFL Draft, cards, yummy food, and yes, more laughter.

While my BlackBerry kept me nice and connected to my business, I left everything else behind. I relaxed. I didn't stress over money. I didn't worry about the dirty dishes I left in the sink. I didn't worry if Kali was OK at the kennel. I didn't wonder if Max was stressed out home alone. I relaxed. It. Was. Wonderful.

The weather couldn't have been better - 75/80 and sunny. A thunderstorm Saturday night. We went to the zoo. We walked to dinner. We sat on the porch all afternoon in between NFL draft picks.

It really was like we stepped right out of 'real life' for a weekend. And when we came back, the stressors of real life seemed that much less. What a difference a relaxed, refreshed perspective can make!

I am relaxed and grateful for a great weekend and even more grateful for good friends.



  1. Sometimes I wish I could do that. Okay, sometimes is a stretch. Pretty much all the time, I wish I could do that.

    The busy-ness--It just never ends...

  2. Hooray for friends and wonderful weekends. :) Glad you were able to get away.