Sunday Funnies

As The Man and I entered church this morning, we noticed that our regular Priest was not there.

As Mass started, we noticed the substitute did not at first glance appear to be, well, let's say warm and fuzzy. The Man leans in and asks "Do you know this guy?" - code for "Is he any good?". I did not know him so I could not give an opinion as to the what the next hour would hold.

Mass proceeds as usual with prayers and readings. Today's gospel being the story of Jesus appearing to the Disciples in the locked room and Thomas not believing because he was not there. Thomas did not believe until he saw and touched Jesus for himself.

Next up for us Catholics is the homily (for you non-Catholics, this is the 'preachin' part of our service). So, our Substitute Priest says "I've got a story for you before talking about our Gospel for today." And here's the story:

A Jewish couple has a son and they are wondering what he will be when he grows up so they come up with a plan to figure it out. They decide to place 3 items on their dining room table and allow their son to pick one of them. The one he picks will determine what he will become. The first item is a book of scripture. If the son selects the scripture, he will become a wonderful Rabbi. The second item is a bag of money. If the son selects the bag of money, he will become a successful business man, a banker maybe. The third item is a jug of wine. If the son selects the wine, he will become, well, a bum.

So the man and his wife lay these items out and then hide behind the curtain in the dining room to see which their son will select. The son comes into the room and upon inspection of the items takes the book of scripture and leaves with it. The mother is so proud, she says to her husband, "This is great! Our son will be a wonderful Rabbi." But, the son comes back to the room, places the scriptures back on the table and picks up the bag of money. He again leaves the room. The father is so proud and says to his wife, "This is great! Our son will be a successful businessman or banker." But, once again the son comes back into the room and places the bag of money back on the table. He inspects the items once again. Finally, he picks up the book of scripture and settles it under one arm, takes the bag of money and puts it into his pocket, grasps the jug of wine and heads out the door.

The woman looks at her husband and says "Oh, no. Our son is going to be a Catholic Priest."


Our substitute priest turned out to be just fine! A funny story joke to start with and then a not-too-short, not-too-long homily about faith and the power that Jesus gave to the Apostles that day to forgive sins as He does; and how it relates to a Priest's ability to forgive sins through confession.


And one more, kinda-related thing to note. Remember in my Resolutions Update Post how I mentioned not doing so great with my daily Bible reading and still being 'stuck' in Genesis? Well, what do you know, in our Church Bulletin, there are Readings for the week listed. Every. Week. We'll just pretend that this is the first time they've been there - because well, it's the first time it ever occurred to me that I could use these Readings as well, a way to get out of the desert so to speak. I'm looking forward to this new approach to daily Bible reading and I've cut out the nice little box with the Readings listed in it and already marked tomorrow's readings with it as a kind of bookmark.


  1. That is such a cute 'story'! LOL!

    I struggle with the readings too. My pastor gave us a great challange to read the book of Matthew in the weeks leading up to Easter. A chapter a day, easy, right? Wrong...I was a total slacker. I played catch-up alot. :)

  2. Just goes to show, you can't judge a Catholic priest by his cover... or something like that.


    - Margaret

  3. LOL! What a funny story! :P