Flashback Friday: There Once Was...

A football stadium in downtown Morgantown. Really.
Old Mountaineer Field Being Built

Aerial View of Old Mountaineer Field

1969 Mountaineers

When you drive through downtown Morgantown, on West Virginia University's Downtown Campus, you go around "The Loop" as it's now known. But just a few short years ago, this loop was known as "Stadium Loop".

Today, if you mention "Stadium Loop" you get a quizzical look from a WVU Student or new resident to Morgantown. Why? Well, there's no stadium there any more...

See the grassy hill with the ginormous building to the right of it? That's where the stadium was.

My first season as a Mountaineer fan, was the only season the 'Eers played at Old Mountaineer Field. New Mountaineer Field, or Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium as it's now known, was built and opened in September, 1980.

While my memories of that first season are a little fuzzy, OK, nonexistent (hey, I was 6 months old), I do remember summers and falls spent on that field growing up. My Dad officiated football games there (JV games, smaller college games) and played softball there too.

I remember the day I first went around "Stadium Loop" and there was no Stadium there. I remember being a Freshman at WVU and telling a new friend I'd meeting them at the top of "Stadium Loop" and getting that quizzical look.

I remember the grassy area that was there for so long before the new University Buildings were erected.

And when I drive past that area, it will always be "Stadium Loop" to me...even if the new field is across town.

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**Photos From:
West Virginia Historical Photographs Collection


  1. Okay, even though I'm not a mountaineer fan, I appreciate this post. It's always sad when things change for us...When they took "Home of the Fighting Gobblers" off of our stadium, I was not a happy camper. Silly as it sounds, I loved that carved into the Hokie stone around our stadium...

  2. What beautiful pictures. Everytime I see a beautiful college campus, it makes me wish I went there. Totally ridiculous, but there you go. I'm totally shallow when it comes to alma maters.