Shamrock Shakes

I have it on good authority (our Parish Priest) that Sundays are not meant to be a Fasting Day. Even during Lent. I must admit a piece of me did a little bit of a happy dance when we got this bit of information because when I gave up sweets for Lent, I had forgotten all about Shamrock Shakes (while I usually only have 1 or 2 a year, I so look forward to them). But when Father Leon explained the whole Sunday-not-a-fasting-day thing, I was very excited.

After church yesterday, The Man, my Mom, my Stepdad and I headed over to the local McDonald's. I was in search of my shake, the rest of the family was just along to humor me. We arrive. Shamrock Shakes are on the menu. I decide that while I'd love a LARGE, it is Lent so I will go for a small. I order "1 small Shamrock Shake please."

"We're out of Shamrock Shakes."

In my head: WHAT???? It's not even St. Patrick's Day! It's March 15!!!!! They're on the menu!!!!

So, in my very mature voice I say "I don't want anything then." The family orders what they'd like and we head to our table.

Well, I was VERY upset by this turn of events. Not even an apology or offer of a coupon from the cashier and worst of all...no Shamrock Shake :(. So, the family and I begin a conversation about the absurdity of the lack of Shamrock Shakes - BEFORE St. Patrick's Day. The fact that it was still listed on the menu. The fact that the cashier didn't even seem to care.

I say to The Man - this is so going on my blog. McDonald's should seriously be able to plan better for Shamrock Shake sales. I may even go take a pic with my camera phone to show that it is still on the menu.

A few moments later a manager comes over. Offers to call another store and see if they have any Shamrock Shakes left. Unbeknownst to me, the lady working on cleaning up the stools beside us is also a manager, just not dressed in McDonald's clothing. So the manager calls a store across town, tells the manager their what happened, asks my name and assures me that there will be a small Shamrock Shake for me there...free of charge. And, the menu sign was changed.

I know feel seriously silly. It's a Shamrock Shake. My reaction was a bit extreme. I may have gone on just a bit too long about this turn of events.

After the family finished their food, The Man and I headed across town and picked up my Shamrock Shake. Free. Delicious. Worth the extra wait.

I am grateful. I will be sending a Thank-you note to the manager of the first McDonald's. I will also be sending a note to McDonald's corporation because seriously, a company of that size should surely be able to plan better.

Next year, I'll be at McDonald's on March 1. Just in case the aforementioned letter is not taken under advisement.


  1. That is too funny! I am going to go get one now! LOL!

    Thanks for the compliment on my letter to EC. I write one every month. I really hope that he enjoys them when he grows up.

  2. Okay, what the heck is a shamrock shake??? I think this is pretty darned funny...and absurd and great, all at once.

    Happy Friday!