Random thoughts for a Monday

~Went to see Watchmen on Friday night. At 11:15. P.M. Should of waited for the Blu-Ray.

~Watched WVU lose a heartbreaker to Louisville on Saturday night. Ready for the Big East Tourney coming on Wed.

~The Circus is heading to Buffalo. T.O. a Bill? Really? This outta be interesting.

~The time change really kicked my butt. Really. Perhaps it was that I got sucked into Casino Royal on Showtime at 11:45 PM (which we all know was really 12:45 AM). Hmm.

~Loving teaching my Children's Catechism Class before church on Sunday mornings. I love seeing Jesus and Faith through children's eyes.

~Breakfast with Dad, Kim, and TD after church. A nap to try to recover from that time change. Dinner with Mom and Rick. A Sunday without having to cook, woo-hoo!

~Desperate Housewives. Big Love. Does Sunday TV get any better?

~A new windshield. I get it now. That's why I pay for insurance!

~Finally, a trip to get my butt kicked again. This time by the Lap Pool at the gym. Love it!

Have a great week!


  1. Wow. I'm tired just reading. :) I love children's catechism, too. Oh, and TO, I say good riddance for my 'boys. Happy Monday, friend.

  2. Just stopping by via SITS to say "Hello"!