Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
-Author Unknown

In the past six months, as The Man and I have moved and I have changed my career path I felt something missing. I felt disconnected. I felt a little lonely. But then, with a little visit to Charlotte, I figured out what it was.

Yes, that trip was for a football game, but while we were there, we stayed with a friend of mine. A friend I haven't seen in years.

Then, we went to Florida. We stopped to see another friend on the way. Another friend I haven't seen in years.

And through my trips back to the Martinsburg area for meetings, I made lunch plans with other friends.

And last week, I had lunch with a friend from High School who I haven't seen in even more years.

And over the weekend, another friend came to visit.

I've used technology to reconnect and stay connected with others (Facebook isn't so bad afterall). Blogging has kept me up to date on the growth of another friend's baby. And a text message here and there has started bringing another friend and I closer again, too.
Then there are my new, internet friends I've met through blogging.

What was missing? Long talks. Laughing at nothing. Silence that didn't need filled. A shared history.

Before we moved back, occassionally The Man would take off for a weekend to visit friends in Baltimore or back here in Morgantown. I just chalked it up to the need for some 'guy time' as his world is surrounded by women (as a massage therapist, most of his co-workers and clients are lacking a y-chromosome). It was a win-win, he got his guy time in and I had a quiet weekend at home. I had plenty of 'girl time' at work with co-workers and at PartyLite events with co-workers. Now I see it was more.

Then we moved. Suddenly, I was disconnected from my co-workers (who had become friends) and my PartyLite team (who had also become friends). And while The Man is my best friend, we all know it's not the same as a girlfriend.

I realized somewhere along the line that I had been horrible at keeping in touch. And that now, I needed my friends. That I hoped they knew I'd always loved them, even if I was horribly sporadic in my communication.

What did I learn? That they did know. That all it takes is opening the door again. That years of on and off again contact could be erased by starting it again. By being more consistent about it.

That they had new friends and busy lives, just like I did, but that we still fit, too.

To my girlfriends, new and old,: thank-you for the million little things you've brought to my life!

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  1. Visiting from SITS!

    We moved recently, too. While I have a couple of acquaintances, it isn't the same as the friends I left behind. I keep telling myself it just takes time!