Permission Granted

I’ve been wanting to blog on this topic since I started this little venture of mine. As you all know, there are no children in our home…at least not the 2 legged, human kind. However, a very dear friend of mine, N., is preparing to welcome a child into her home.

I’ve wanted to blog about her since I started, but I didn’t want to share her information until those who might read my blog were ‘in the know’ since we have common friends and acquaintances. Well, this week N. and I were able to meet for lunch. So, I took my camera along and asked permission to post about her – she said YES! So, I’d like to introduce you to N. as she looked on Tuesday, exactly 26 weeks pregnant.

26 Weeks. That’s it? Really. Are you sure? I ask that, NOT because she does not look amazing, she does, but because I’ve been honored to share this journey with her since BEFORE she was pregnant. Honored that she considered me as close a friend as I consider her. Honored that she trusted me with a very personal issue in her life. Honored that she gave me permission to share her story with you. I’ve prayed for her every day since that day last May when she shared what she was going through. I hope that I’ve said and done the right things. I hope I’ve been a good friend to her. Most of all, now, I am SO excited for her!!! And I can’t wait to meet the little girl that is due in May!

What can I say about N. She has walked through what I can only imagine to be one of the toughest times of her life with such grace. She has remained hopeful. She has remained positive. She has never wavered in her desire to be her mom. Or in her belief that she is meant to be a Mom.

N. – thank-you for giving me permission to share. Thank-you for being such a great friend. You are going to be an amazing Mom and I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

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  1. She DOES look amazing! I still can't even tell when she's got her coat on!

    Boy, is her life going to change. If she thinks she loves that baby now, just wait until she's holding her. It's a whole new kinda love.