Flashback Friday: What I was Doing 6 Years Ago

Once again - Flashback Friday, hosted by My Tiny Kingdom! (Yes, I know, it's Saturday, not Friday. Yesterday was just a bit busy. Better late than never, right?).

Six years ago, I was living in sunny, warm, Southern California. (Did I mention it was sunny and warm?) I was only going to be living in L.A. for a year, so I decided to enjoy my year by being a good tourist from the East Coast and taking in all that L.A. (& the surrounding sunny, warm, areas had to offer). I went to see shows, studied at the beach, took walks outside in December, wrote Merry Christmas in the sand for Christmas cards, and of course, enjoyed a year-long season pass to Disneyland!

My first trip to Disneyland was in October with my Dad and friend, Christy. (Christy is also from the East Coast and would be in L.A. for a year, too. She and I 'lived it up' together.). Anyway, that trip to see the Mouse in October was just the first of many many sunny, warm days spend at Disneyland.

On one such trip, we were so very excited to be able to meet and get our photograph taken with non other than Mr. Mouse himself! It was obviously around Christmas due to the decorations in the back...but you can bet, on a sunny, warm Sunday in February we would have been at Disneyland too!

Did I mention, it was sunny and warm?


  1. Sunny and warm sounds nice. Very, very nice. :)

  2. ahhh... the mouse! I can't wait to see the mouse again!

  3. haha! I live in Southern CA so I KNOW what you mean! Its so very nice down here! :) Glad that you enjoyed it and lived it up!