Flasback Friday: Love, Look at the 2 of Us

Once again, I'm participating in Flashback Friday, over at My Tiny Kingdom. This week's theme is: Love, Look at the 2 of Us.

This is a perfect day for this post because 7 years ago today - The Man proposed. He caught me completely off-guard with a day before Valentine's Day, in my sweats, turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary moment proposal. It was perfect!

He was already my best friend. I was already so in love. I had no idea how much better life was going to get when we were married. I'm so grateful for this man and this life we have.

I have so many many pictures of the 2 of us, I decided to create a slideshow of some of my favorites for you all :). Some are old. Some are new. Enjoy!


  1. Love the slideshow. My Flashback was about my engagement also! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. We're getting all sappy this week!