Over the past few days the contrasts that God places in our lives have been more clear to me than I could have imagined.

Some Examples:

On Wednesday night: A take-out pizza for dinner. The Man and I engaged in a very 'adult' conversation (sorry people, my lips are sealed - NO Mom, that's not it, not even close!) and then watched "Lost" - not exactly children's programming.

Then, last night: A home-made dinner of chicken and pasta while watching "Sleeping Beauty" on Blu-Ray (yep, I own it. I even requested it as a Christmas present. Really.). The colors are amazing in HD. Anyway...

Last week: A plane crashes in the Hudson River in East New York State. More than 200 people survived. Some of them reunited with the captain on Larry King to thank him and his crew.

Last night: A plane crashes in Buffalo in West New York State. Forty-nine people on board and 1 on the ground lost their lives. We'll see their family members remembering them on Larry King next week.

A week ago: -2 degree temperatures, frozen ground, snow everywhere

Wednesday: 68 degree temperatures. Sunny, warm, no sign of snow.

There are so many contrasts that occur in our lives every day: Babies are born. People pass on. Dogs bark. Cats purr. The sun shines. The winds roar. Week-old towels. Fresh, clean, fluffy towels.

I am grateful for these contrasts. I'm also grateful that maybe, just maybe, I'm really starting to 'get' this concept of God's Grace. That maybe I'm seeing Him in the little things that I so often missed Him in.

Sure, there are bigger contrasts. Wealth and Poverty. War and Peace. But, it's these everyday contrasts that are speaking to me. It's these everyday contrasts that are teaching me. Or rather, it is through these everyday contrasts that He is speaking to me, that He is teaching me.

I am grateful.


  1. What a wonderful post! I love how God takes the ordinary of every day and shows us miracles in them. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for the little graces He gives us each day.

  2. Really neat thoughts. I'm thankful for all the little contrasts, too. :)

    And you should not tease people that way...if you're going to have very adult conversations, you must clue us all in. :) C'mon, you know you want to...

  3. What a great reminder! Through my child's eyes, I am rediscoving the ordinary to be extra-ordinary too. Who knew that a ceiling fan could be so interesting!? LOL! Great post!

  4. Hi! Stopping by for the first time. Very insightful. God teaches us in the most amazing and unique ways. Glad to have come across your blog.

    Alison :)