Flashback Friday: This Makes me Giggle

I'm participating in Flashback Friday, a Blog Carnival (huh?), over at My Tiny Kingdom. This week's topic is: This Makes Me Giggle. I headed to old files of old pictures and found this:

At first glance, it may look like an ordinary bag of groceries junk food. Look again, notice anything strange about the bag of chips? Yep - open. How they got that way is what makes me giggle (at least now it does)....

In June 2003, I had lived in Los Angeles for a year attending graduate school at USC. It was time to head home and my Dad volunteered to fly out and drive across country with me. I packed up my car, my very small car (a Toyota Corolla) full of my belongings and snacks, leaving just enough space for my Dad's bag and Dad himself. I picked him up at LAX, hit play on "Country Roads" by John Denver, and we started our 3 1/2 day trip West.

We were on our 2nd day of travel and heading along I-70 in Colorado through the Rockies (NOW I know why "Purple Mountains Majesties). We were heading up a Mountain, and BANG!

From my perspective, this bang is accompanied fear and a burst of air in my face.

From Dad's perspective - he was driving - it was accompanied by fear and a quick survey of the dash.

Upon finding no lights aglow and experiencing no control issue, he rules out major engine trouble or a flat tire. Which, I must say would have been BAD, emptying the car, I shudder to think of the pile of my belongings alongside the road and then repacking??? No thanks!

Anway, jst about that time, and simultaneously, our eyes meet and I breathe in...."Potato chips?" I say, confused. I then look down to discover the source of that burst of air, and aroma of potato chips...yep, our BANG! was nothing more than a bag of potato chips bursting open from the pressure change because of the elevation.

Not such a giggle as it happened, but looking back, a favorite tale of ours.


  1. Giggling, too. We have a close friend who was in the military in Iraq and the bottle of coke exploded next to him and he thought he'd been shot until he saw the Coke on his driver's face. Like you, they laugh now. It wasn't funny when that BANG sounded. :)

  2. I don't think that's possible where I leave. I'd have driven off the road!