Bits of a Long, but good, Weekend

1. Thursday was the first time I saw clear blue skies in what seems like weeks. I only had to drive south for 400 miles to see it - every mile was worth it.

2. Ok, so I wasn't driving just in search of blue skies, but rather heading to Orlando, Fl. for the annual PartyLite Mini Conference. I love these 2 days to focus on my business at the start of the year, it really 'fills my business cup,' so to speak.

3. Rather than drive straight through, The Man and I stopped near Charleston, S.C. to see one of my dearest friends. It's been 3 years since we last laid eyes on each other, but it was like no time had past. I LOVE that! We had wine, laughed, cried, and stayed up too late - what more do 2 old girlfriends need? I left with a promise that I would see her again this summer, 3 years is just inexcuseable.

4. 75 and sunny!

5. The most rewarding part of my job as a PartyLite Leader is watching consultants on my team experience the amazing company that is PartyLite: A hug and encouragement from the President of PL USA, dancing with "The Guys", and realizing, "Yes, you CAN achieve your dreams!"

6. We went to sleep with the hotel room door open. In January.

7. I made it through the entire conference and did not bite my nails. Not. One. Single. Time.

8. Saturday, we were treated to a presentation by Dick Hoyt. We all have obstacles, but this man will put it all in perspective for you. An amazing father who would do ANYTHING to let his son's "disability disappear". Check them out at http://www.teamhoyt.com/.

9. We had our first trip to "The Melting Pot". De.lic.ious!

10. The drive home was LONG. We drove through the night Saturday to make it home in time to get Kali from the kennel, pick up the beer, and be seated on the couch in time for kick-off of the Steelers-Chargers playoff game. Breakfast at iHop with another good friend in Charlotte (and seeing this same friend SO happy with her new guy) was just what we needed to energize for the last leg of our journey.

11. An AMAZING conversation with The Man on the portion of the drive from Charlotte to Morgantown.

12. Finally, the Steelers WON! Next up: The AFC Champtionship Game.

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