Why Feel My Love?

After deciding to blog, I had to decide on a title...wow, that one was tough. I wanted it to have meaning, but not be ordinary, but not be strange. So I thought and thought and thought, I searched and searched and searched and then it came to me! It was about 2 a.m. a few nights ago as I was laying awake trying to be very still so as not to disturb The Man who needed to get up for work in the morning. As I lay beside him, watching him sleep, it came to me; a moment from our past that still carried so much meaning; a song that touched a heart that was determined to be 'done with boys' and ultimately led to a heart in love.
Some background:When The Man and I started dating everyone around us knew it long before we did. We were just going to be friends and I was determined that no boy was gonna hurt me again. Well, before we knew it every afternoon was spent together before work and we were together. Sometime in the midst of all that, afraid of actually saying how we were feeling, we began 'giving' each other songs to avoid using the actual words. And the one that impacted me most was...drum roll, please....
To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan
It was in that moment, as I watched this amazing man, who I love more than words could ever say, sleeping so peacefully, that I knew the title for this blog must be Feel My Love because in all I do, I want him to always, every day, in every way Feel My Love for him.
As I considered this decision that seems so huge, naming a blog for goodness sakes!, I realized that this title also encompassed the person I want to be. I want to be a genuinely kind person who others around me are able to Feel My Love for them.

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