What am I thinking?

Well, here goes, my first Blog post. Thank-you to Kristen at No Small Thing for introducing me to the world of blogging and for helping me to feel still connected to her whole family though I'm far away! I'm not sure I have enough to blog about or really that anyone would care what I have to say, but we'll see how it goes.
So, why now? Why a blog? What am I thinking????
I guess there are a few reasons:
~It is often noted - rightfully so - by The Man (ok, again, Kristen thanks for referring to your hubby in this way, it has now stuck in my vocabulary when referring to my hubby :)) that my "awareness of one's surroundings" is not always the best. Translate: I don't always pay that great of attention to much of anything. I'm always multi-tasking and moving on to the next thing. So I am hoping that by blogging I may become more aware of my surroundings and connect more deeply with those I love so much.
~It's gotta be cheaper than therapy.
~I've never been one to keep a journal or diary and this seems like a way to chronicle events in my life that I just might like and keep up with because I do so enjoy technology.
~I know how much I enjoy reading the blogs of those I do not live near and how it makes the distance seem less and I hope that this blog may help others feel closer to me.
~Finally, maybe some day, something that I write about will impact someone in the way blogs I have read have impacted me. Even if it's only just one giggle or one tear or one smile, it will all be worth it.
So, I say hello to the world of blogging! Let's get it started....

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