A Snowy December Day

I knew when moving back to Morgantown that we were in for more snow than we had seen the last few years. In fact, snow was the major 'con' in our many discussions of moving back. In the end, being closer to family won out and we decided to live with the snow. Now, maybe it's just me, but I just don't remember this much snow before Christmas. It feels like January - and if this is what's happening now I'm just hopin' that whooly worm I saw with the dark black head and light brown body has his weather right.

Anyway, there is a part of me that is grateful for the snow today because I am oh so late on getting the Christmas cards done and I have squandered 3 snow opportunities for a wintry picture with Kali to put on said cards. So this morning I decide that no more squandring, it's time to bundle up and get the picture taken. Now, Kali is so like me in many ways - loves to sleep in, enjoys cookies, always roots for the Mountaineers, and thinks a nap in the afternoon is just a part of the day - however, somehow she LOVES the cold. I just don't get it. Yes, snow is pretty and all, but I'd take 95 and sunny any day over snowy and cold. Not Kali, she LOVES this cold weather. Based on this information I should have known that a trip outside for a Christmas photo would be ANYTHING but quick.

First, we had to play with our candy cane toy and get it all snow covered so you won't be able to see it in future pictures:

Then she must take the candy cane toy and try to convince me to play chase (come on now little one - this NEVER works, I realized long ago that chase is only fun for one of us and it just ain't me).
Ok, ok, I concede that I just might not get her to sit still AND hold the candy cane when there is all of this wonderful white snow to play in. So we go for a pic without the toy in front of the pine tree:
And while yes, this is a cute one - especially with the wink and all - I am a glutten for punishment and decide to try the candy cane toy just one more time:

Or maybe 2:
Finally! - doesn't this one just say fun?
Now it's time to go inside and warm up...

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  1. cute pooch! And I suppose I'm a lot like you and Kali. Although I don't root for the mountaineers. And though I'd like to, I don't ever get to take a nap in the afternoon!