It's that time when we get the sense of a clean slate, a new year, January 1. Traditionallly, I have not been one to make a series of resolutions that I know I can't keep. I also try to take daily opportunities to improve myself and the lives of those around me. This year, I do have a few plans for things I'd like to accomplish that have just gone by the wayside in the past. And hey, if I make it public for all to see, I may just have that sense of accountability that can be skirted by not telling anyone.
In no particular order....

1) Once and for all, quit the nail biting (see evidence below of the serious need for this). I figure it's time to grow up and find something else to do with my nervous energy.

2) Take that nervous energy and let it run off with a size (or 2) of pants. Yep, I've squandered my free gym membership long enough, it's time that I reacquainted myself with the elliptical machine.

3) Become an educated Believer. I have always been faithful; always believed that Jesus died for us and is God's Son; always known that I, and each of us, were put on this earth deliberately and for a reason. My Bible knowledge, on the other hand, is terrible and I'd really like to improve that. I've already enrolled in a women's Bible Study that I'm excited about and tomorrow I'm looking forward to starting at Devotional #1 in my Women's Devotional Bible Becoming.

4) Stop the 'hemming and hawing'; the whatever you think; and the constant agonizing over decisions. Sometimes, I even debate so long that I miss opportunities. A friend suggested a book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D., to help me with this and I've got it ready to go for tomorrow morning.

That's it for this year's resolutions. Now it's a night of cookie-eating, nail-biting, non-decision making fun with The Man!

Happy New Year!

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  1. All very good resolutions. I haven't made mine yet. I am not sure that I will. Maybe. I've got another 2 1/2 hours to mull it over. I'm hemming and hawing, aren't I? :)