Time with family, bellies full of good food, and traditions old and new - then repeat!

We tried something new this year and by all reports it went well. Both my Mom's side of the family and The Man's family typically celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and then we spend Christmas Day with my Dad's side of the family. When The Man and I lived out in Martinsburg this created the situtation where we had to choose who to see on Christmas Eve and how to share Christmas Day. So, this year, we asked our families to try something new.

Mom's side - being Italian, celebrates The Feast of the Seven Fishes (ok, so I think we hit 5 of the 7 fishes, but we do our best) and The Man who loves to eat has always enjoyed this day of food, food, and did I mention food. So most years when given the option of what he wants to do, he has opted for Christmas Eve with Mom's side of the family and then to share Christmas Day with his family and Dad's side.

This year though, we (being back in Morgantown and having a little more contact with everyone) asked if a combining of traditions could be done. Would The Man's family be willing to join Mom's side of the family for the 'Feast' and would Mom's side be willing to move the celebration to her home here in Morgantown instead of Nan's home in Pittsburgh. All were willing and what resulted was a great day of families getting more acquainted and 2 very grateful people who realize that everyone was willing to stretch their comfort zone and try something new for us.

Some of our Family enjoying snacks in the afternoon.

Christmas Day was then spent with Mass at our own church and then with Dad's side of the family for more food and family. We have started our own little tradition of the 'kids' all playing a board game on Christmas Day after dinner - and I have to say, I so look forward to sitting around a table playing a game with The Man and my brothers. Of course there is the occassional dispute over rules and NO ONE likes to lose, but all in all a good time is had.

Here's hoping your Christmas was as blessed and enjoyable as mine.

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