8 Days...

It seems so long! I know it will go by fast, especially with that little thing called Christmas in the middle - but I just can't wait to use these:

You see, this will be my first ever WVU Bowl Game trip! Surprising to those of you who know my love for the 'Eers it may be, I have just never had the urge to get it together and go. I guess I'm more of a 'home field' body. I usually just prefer to hijack the TV from The Man watch away games with The Man on his High Def TV. Yea, it's his...a gift from me. Anyway, this year I decided that I wanted to go and through a series of highs and lows - hey this is serious stuff - I was able to secure 2 tickets for The Man and myself!

I got the call that I could go pick up our tickets today and even got all the green lights going across town! So here's hoping that the next 8 days go fast because I am so excited I'm just not sure what to do with myself!

Let's Go Mountaineers!


  1. Awwww, so fun! Have a wonderful time!

  2. I just want you to know! I'm jealous! Looking forward to Christmas with you and "the Man". I think that's hillarious! This is really cool you doing a blog and all! Love ya sis!

  3. I can understand your excitement--I felt the same way when we went to the national championship way back when...what was that, like 1999? Yikes!

    'twas an exciting game, too! Good for you, I'm glad it worked out in your favor!